01 October, 2008

Theme of Performance

On the same stage I would watch when it held my fucking heroes I sweat and fucking wail at these wide eyed and beautiful people I grew up here with but just before.
Last night of tour and fuck all the agent bullshit and roadies I want to fucking swing into my old school bar and drink like a fucking knight.
I sing the big songs tonight and I sing them fucking big. But deep in maybe my heart I know someone out there is waiting for me to sing my real biggest song, a song I’ve been trying to write since I first strummed a chord or however I started now.
I know because I was waiting for that song, thinking I would never be the one to write it.
And here my people are waiting for this big, big song of my life. I’m waiting for it.
And tonight there will be no big drinks, even if I can get away from the obligations.
It will just be me, writing to myself, trying to remember exactly how close I was to singing one of my other big songs just right on this stage for these people who want me to do it.

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