15 September, 2010

Independence Day Fan Fiction

So we’ve travelled for fucking ever to this planet, and if we’re going to live here there can be no peace and we have to wipe out all the crazy shits that live here already. This, actually, is fine, because I mean their technology is ok, I guess I couldn’t build any of it, but they couldn’t build any of the shit we have, and as such they just can’t fucking touch us and it’s amazing.

Their fighters don’t have shields, they don’t shoot green lasers, they’re not as fast or manoeuvrable as ours. Everyone I know has signed up for this shit. How often do you get to feel like a character in a computer game, in real life, really?

But then the Humans do some weird fucking magic thing, and I hear how all our forces on Earth have been wiped out in seconds, the last of my life because we, on this mother ship, are next to go.

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