16 July, 2008


“ I am really going to miss the chocolate when that goes,” Jack says.
All of both of our pockets are full of chocolate bars. We are wearing jackets with about ten zip pockets. We have a lot of chocolate.
Jack is covered in the blood of the third guy who should still be with us.

Our car is full of the smell of blood. Behind us those assholes are already on the body.
It doesn’t take a lot to spook those guys, and it doesn’t take a lot to make them berserk.
One of them bit our friend’s face and knocked him down. When Jack had stabbed it in the back of the neck he cut the throat of our friend. I was sick.
I am going for the friend’s dropped bag but Jack grabs me. This is when I start smelling blood and even half a mile and three chocolate bars later I can still smell it.

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