15 July, 2008

Ezekiel and the Astronaut

‘Easy, this is the set. I’m Casting, this here is Cherie, wardrobe, and that’s Jock. He does lighting. There are more of us, but we’ll be your eyes and ears for now. So why should you play Bambekbatov?’
‘I like his character. I’ve done a bit of research on the guy, and… his father was an obsessive gambler wasn’t he? That doesn’t get mentioned in the book.’
Glances all round. ‘Yes, that’s right.’
‘Well.’ Ezekiel looks at the floor and sees a cockroach ambling past wardrobe’s boot.
‘I admire that in a man. That disregard for weakness. I mean, he pretended the guy didn’t exist until he got help for his problem. That takes some nerve. To ignore your own father, I mean. What if he takes it personally?’
‘My name is Ezekiel.’
‘Ezekiel.’ Casting clears his throat. ‘We’ve made some developments to Bembekbatov.’
Raised eyebrows and a shifting right foot. ‘Such as?’
‘Well…’ Casting looks desolate.
‘He’s blind.’
‘He’s what?’
‘And a nymphomaniac.’
‘What?! This is the first man in space!’
‘Wait. There’s an angle for this.’
Lighting kills the cockroach.

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