15 July, 2008

Theme: Joy

Once a girl painted my nails black. But now, at the sort of time even a milkman would be ashamed to be awake at, I’m painting my face completely white.
On facebook there is a message that reads “meh. I’m in London that day. Sorry Pete.”
I read the message over and over. It’s from a girl I used to know. I click her picture. It spreads from 2cm square to maybe 4. Her face is a mask of paint and it is a big sad clown face.
I do 50 pushups and she tells me I did a good job. I do a drawing and she tells me it a good likeness.
Then, stuck for things to do, I head out. I come back and I kneel in front of the mirror. A once black t-shirt now has a white collar. I draw the biggest red smile I am capable of drawing but the make up is rolling off in streaks.

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