21 July, 2008

Greek Babysitter

"You're so full of shit Mike. Greener travel? You didn't even give a shit about the environment a year ago."
She doesn't break eye contact with him even as she pours her fifth glass of wine.
"I'm just saying, I don't think I can vote for a man, no, I don't think a man can viably stand today, without having a policy geared towards the environment."
"Topic of the year, I'll give him that."
"You'll give anyone anything. Do you even have an opinion?"
When she acts like this every time they talk, it's no wonder a man of Brian's character keeps his thoughts largely to himself.
Marcia is finally out of the kitchen, rolling her eyes for everyone's benefit.
Mike takes the bullet and humours her. Someone had to.
"She's complaining that Roy's awake. God forbid she actually has to do any babysitting whilst I pay her to babysit. Feta-munching freeloader."
"Thank God you don't vote, Marcia."
Brian's still smarting. Lucky for him she missed the last two glasses.

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