21 July, 2008

Minotaur (classical monster point of view story)

Scientists are what wizards used to be. Shamans still have all the answers for some people. There are people who worship Gods they’ve invented. Magic is real, but only inside someone’s head.
My point is no one knows what I am, why I would exist. No one really knows why anyone exists I guess.
I mean, more immediately, I don’t want to tear men apart, storm villages and rape cows. But I could do that and no one would think less of me.
They think me low enough.
A lot of people tried to kill me all at once. Soldiers with cracking sticks, machine guns they say. Massive metal cannons that scream and chase.
They want it to be, but it’s not for me that stuff. Fuck it.
I just want some hills, sun and fields with cows.

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